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Fire Retardant Coating
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Manufacturer & Distributor of Fire Retardant Coatings, Fire Retardant Penetrants & Fire Retardant Sprays, our products are tested and documented not only to meeting the national standards, but also exceeding them. 

FX Fabric Guard - fire retardant spray for cotton, poly-cotton & silk foliage, banners, flags, drapes, curtains, etc. California Registered #C-25901 (CALIFORNIA APPROVED) FX Fabric Guard is used in Schools, Day Care Centers, Assisted Care Living, Office Buildings and many others use our products for a wide variety of projects. 

FX Lumber Guard XT - fire retardant coating for exterior treatment of lumber and plywood: cedar, redwood, oak and pine, decking, wood siding, fencing, shake shingles, patios covers, Railroad Bridges (train bridges), wood skirting, reclaimed lumber, exterior wooden stair cases, garden sheds and many other projects. FX Lumber Guard XT can be used on wooden mulch in landscape beds.

FX Lumber Guard - fire retardant for Lumber, for Plywood, OSB, MDF, I-JOIST, hardwoods, softwoods, reclaimed lumber, mezzanine flooring, scaffolding, processed wood, wall paneling, wooden crafts, panels, mantels, cabinets, trim, doors and more. A few key points about FX Lumber Guard: Fire Retardant for I-Joist have become IRC required in the US
 ASTM E84 (30 minute) Tested Specifically on SYP & SPF  • ASTM E84 Tested on I-Joist
• Class A / Type 1 Rated Classification 
• CAN/UL S102 Tested 
• California State Fire Marshal Compliant #2280-2140:0100  
 ASTM E119 Tested 1 Hour for Floor / Ceiling I-Joist Assembly 
• ASTM E119 / CAN/UL S101 Tested I-Joist for IRC 501.3 Exception #4

FX Tree Guard - fire retardant spray for hay, straw, pine needles, dry grass, brush, shrubs and Christmas Trees, proven effective in preventing grass fires, wildfires and forest fires. FRCT's fire retardant sprays can easily be applied by using a pump up sprayer.   

FX Flame Guard / Flame Guard 2 - fire retardant coating for thatching, wicker, rattan, Tiki huts, Wainscot Paneling, PRE-FINISHED PANELING,  Stage Props, bamboo and similar materials can be treated, it may also be used to treat pre painted wood, lumber, plywood, reclaimed wood and more. Haunted Houses, Schools, Day Care Centers, Home Owners, residential contractors and commercial contractors use FRCT's products, visit our application page to see more users and applications for our products. 

FX Paper Guard fire retardant spray for Paper, Drywall, Card Board Boxes, Corrugated Board, Blinds, Shades, Wall Coverings, Paper Faced Insulation, Paper Crafts and more. 

FX Paint Guard - intumescent fire retardant paint for Lumber, Plywood, I-Joist, Timbers, LVL's, PSL's, Glulams, OSB, MDF, Metal Studs, Polystyrene Form and other materials that can be painted with a latex water base paint. Colors Available: White, Black. Gray & Tan, flat latex. Available in Gallons and 5 Gallon Containers.

We take great pride in our responsibilities to our valued customers; compare our products with other products on the market, such as testing, spread rate per gallon, one coat application, same to next day shipping, testing conducted by accredited 3rd party testing laboratories. You'll see the value in doing business with us compared to others. We can be reached on Saturday's and Sunday's and when you ask us a question we’ll have an answer and for some reason we don't, we'll find the answer for you. 

Distinguishing Features: fire retardant penetrants, flame resistant coatings, flame retardant sprays are transparent, odor free, insoluble when dry, non-toxicnon-hazardous & environment safe, Chlorine and PBDE free, paintable, stainable, easy application & clean up and also tested and certified, this is just to name a few, compare our products with other products in the industry and you'll see why we have the most searched for products on the market. Watch our videos and you'll see how our products work and how effective they are at preventing fires and protecting life and property.

Special Properties: fire resistant coatings & sprays not only meet, but they exceed Federal, State and City Fire Safety Codes and Standards, unlike other fire resistant products on the market FRCT's products are tested and updated every 3-4 years on SYP, SPF, OSB, etc. Using FRCT's products aren't just economical, safe and easy, their also proven to save lives and property. 
FRCT has the highest rated customer service in the industry. Our customers are top priority, we make sure our valued customers are satisfied and comfortable with our application process, how our products work and our shipping the same to next day capabilities. Fire Retardant Chemicals and Coatings are our business. We invite you to watch our videos and review our products. 
FRCT have factory applicators and field applicators in various regions in the US, contact us to find out more.
FRCT' Fire Retardant Coatings & Flame Retardant Sprays are tested and documented by ASTM E84 test and ASTM E119 testing to reduce the levels of fire danger to their lowest over other fire retardants & flame retardants on the market. FRCT's products are tested by Accredited 3rd Party Testing Laboratories and are formulated for lumber, plywood, I-Joist, fabrics, bamboo, thatching, dry grass, paper, Christmas Trees and many more uses for fire retardant coatings. 
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Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas is rated one of the top Manufacturers of 
Fire Retardant Coatings (Penetrants) & Flame Retardant Sprays in the industry for testing and performance of products. Our Fire Retardant Coatings have been tested beyond any other products on the market today.
To our valued customers, we apologize for any inconvenience it has or may cause you for not having our prices listed, we offer discounts on quantities over 25 gallons, discounts to church's, school's and other non profit organizations. We believe in old school customer service, talking with our valued customers and answering any questions you may have that can't be answered on the internet or a web site. 
So, please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns at
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FIRE RETARDANT COATINGS, SPRAYS, PAINTS & PENETRANTS Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous products for LUMBER, PLYWOOD, I-JOIST, FABRICS and more - IRC 501.3 Compliant for I-JOIST

Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas
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